Learning languages and becoming fluent is an ongoing process that is never entirely completed. The Fluent program is currently to be a series of 3 courses that will get progressively more challenging as you go through.

All of our courses are built on our 4-step development cycle, as follows:


Full Fluent Program Description

Class Set-up

Individual Practice

  • Individual activities are a series of exercises
  • To develop understanding of spoken English
  • To focus on improving recognition and production of phrases and expressions

Class preparation activities

  • Learners also practice speaking by making short videos to share with classmates and the teacher
  • Learners will complete warm-up activities that will help prepare for the live-class

Live Class

  • Lasts for 1½ hour and has a maximum of five students and the teacher
  • Students practice using key phrases and expressions with:
    • Active discussions and conversations
    • Real world tasks such as problem solving and giving presentations

Reflection & Feedback

    After the live class, the instructor will be able to:

    • Review the recordings
    • Reflect on improvements for next class.


In all parts of the course, teachers will be keeping an eye on progress and performance. They will also be available to answer any questions or to help students when needed.

The Fluent program is based on a framework of weekly subjects, dealing with real-world professional and social subjects and skills.

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